Restaurant Services

Menu Photos    


Get professional High Res Photos of your menu items. Each photo will be manually edited for color correction and you will get an option of backgrounds if desired.

Menu Design


Includes original design and 2 redrafts and will send the file to the printer of your choice.

Video for Commercials or Social Media


These days people want to see things more than a picture. Their attention span is limited, so presenting yourself in a video allows them to see more sides to your establishment quickly.  This video will include location photos, lobby/bar footage, and a few moving shots of food. Sound can be a royalty-free song as well as an option for a voice-over about the restaurant.

A couple demos in different styles.

Website Design

Choose the level of website design best fitted to your business needs, as no two businesses will have the same goals. I can build you a website that will tailor to your needs, improve your brand presence and increase your sales!



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Restaurant Audit


Want to increase sales? Create new avenues of revenue? Years of experience on the operating side can become your tool. Plotting social media strategy and advisory services.
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