Construction and Surveying

$200 base fee 1st hour and Set up          +$100 for every following hour
Subject to FAA   Part 107 Compliant

Find 10 times as many issues as ground inspections in 10% of the time and at 10% percent of the cost.

Nowadays it’s finding the most cost-effective plan to achieve your goal. Contracts are ambiguous. Protect yourself in the fine lines of what is planning and building.

Whether you need to monitor the performance of your Facility, inspect a site for warranty claims, or want your investment to perform optimally, our drone-based solutions deliver a flexible, cost-effective way to survey your assets.



Define facility shot sheets and data delivery requirements. For facilities or plants, operators can use the highest-resolution cameras and top-of-the-line drones and still be cost-effective.





Deploy drones in and around facility to capture RGB, visual, and LiDAR imagery. You can supplement with ground inspection to get a variety of angles. 





Quickly evaluate facility conditions using imagery. Produce 3D models to validate the delta between what was planned and currently built.

Quality Control data and call in any “critical” identified in the field. Our data analyst produces structural models using LiDAR data to deliver exact measures of the height, depth, health, and equipment in plants and facilities. Validate your warranties and keep up on maintenance that keeps your facility producing at its fullest capacity.

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